Explore the heartwarming tradition of suspended coffee, known as caffè sospeso, originating in Naples. Uncover the compassionate act of prepaying for coffees, particularly for those in need, rooted in Italian love for coffee. Delve into its historical origins during World War II and its resurgence in 2010, spearheaded by the iconic Neapolitan café Caffè Gambrinus. Witness its global expansion on Caffè Sospeso Day, reaching countries worldwide and even embraced by Starbucks UK in alignment with charitable initiatives. Beyond a simple transaction, it's a symbol of solidarity, ensuring accessibility for those facing financial struggles. Experience the adaptability and enduring warmth of this tradition, beautifully captured by Neapolitan writer Luciano De Crescenzo: "In Naples, when someone is happy, they pay for two coffees: one for themselves, the other for someone else. It’s like offering coffee to the rest of the world."

What is a Suspended Coffee?