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The Importance of Resting Coffee Beans: Unlocking Optimal Flavor

Ever wondered why your favorite coffee roaster recommends letting those freshly roasted beans rest for a few days before you brew them? The answer lies in a crucial post-roasting process known as "degassing," as well as the development of the beans' complex flavors.

Degassing: Letting the Beans Breathe
During the roasting process, coffee beans undergo a transformation that results in the production of carbon dioxide (CO2). After roasting, this CO2 doesn't just disappear; it continues to be released from the beans. If you brew coffee immediately after roasting, the excess CO2 can interfere with the extraction process. This disruption can lead to an uneven brew, resulting in a cup of coffee that doesn't quite hit the mark. By allowing your beans to rest for several days, you give them the necessary time to release this excess gas, ensuring a smoother, more consistent extraction when it's time to brew.

Flavor Development: Enhancing Taste and Aroma
Freshly roasted coffee beans often have a raw, harsh flavor that can be off-putting. This is where the concept of "curing" or "aging" comes into play. Resting the beans allows their flavors to mature and stabilize, leading to a more balanced and rich taste profile. The resting period, typically between 2 to 14 days, allows the complex flavors within the beans to fully develop, resulting in a cup of coffee that is both aromatic and delicious.

Finding the Sweet Spot
While the general recommendation is to let your beans rest for a few days, the optimal resting period can vary. Factors such as the roast level, bean type, and personal taste preferences all play a role in determining the perfect resting time. Light roasts might need a bit more time to mature compared to darker roasts, and different bean varieties will have unique resting needs.

So, next time you get your hands on some freshly roasted coffee beans, resist the urge to brew them immediately. Give them a little time to rest and degas. Your patience will be rewarded with a more flavorful and aromatic cup of coffee, making those extra days well worth the wait.

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Brew Guide: Syphon

Video by @Camanoislandcoffee

Siphon brewing is complex and requires a close attention to detail, but with this close attention comes a beautiful brewing process and a deliciously smooth cup of coffee. To get started, you'll need one tablespoon of medium ground coffee for every five ounces of water. Since we're using the Hario five cup system, we're going to use four tablespoons of grounds.

First, add water to the bottom chamber, then hook your cloth filter into the top chamber and connect the two. Don't forget to put the lid on top. Then light your heat source.

We use a small wood burner with clean burning denatured alcohol, which you can find at most hardware stores. Slide your heat source under your siphon brewer. Once the burner has reached a high enough temperature, the water from the bottom chamber will start to climb up the chain to the second chamber.

When most of it reaches the top, pop off the lid and check the temperature. When the temperature reaches 190 degrees, add your grounds. Place the grounds into the chamber and use a bamboo paddle or chopstick to give it a quick gentle stir.

Replace the lid and let the coffee steep. With our five cup siphon, we'll wait just over one minute. Give the coffee another quick stir and then carefully remove the siphon from the heat completely.

Soon, the coffee will begin to drop back into the lower chamber. You'll know the process is complete when the grounds have formed a small mound in the upper chamber. You can now remove the top components and use the bottom chamber to serve your coffee.

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